Stories Of Hope, Creating Tomorrows Leaders.

Giving vulnerable children and young adults a stable environment, provides a good foundation for them to grow. A holistic program ensures these disadvantaged children and young adults become empowered, growing in their choosen fields. These young leaders in the making can then go on and help others.

In Stories of Hope, past and present beneficiaries of COT tell their stories in their own words. Get to know a few of these young people here today and visit this page again to get to know more of the COT children and young adults.

Sheilistas Rumbidzaishe Gozho - CA

My name is Sheilistas Rumbidzaishe Gozho. I was raised by my grandmother in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe while my mother was away working hard as a single parent in order to take care of me including getting me educated. She worked very hard in such a way that in 2003 she ended up working in Kloof, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. I then finished my grade 7 at Chinhoyi Government Primary and attended only one year of high school at Nemakonde High School in 2008. In 2009 I moved to South Africa to stay with my mum and to continue with high school and I started attending grade 9 at Wyebank Secondary School in Kloof.

This was a very challenging stage of my life as I needed to adapt to this new environment as fast as I could. This included having to learn the IsiZulu language which I completely did not know because I was coming from a place where we spoke Shona. Luckily my teachers and my schoolmates worked tirelessly trying to make me understand the language. Fortunately I managed to learn IsiZulu to an extent where I became an IsiZulu student at my school. At matric level IsiZulu was my highest mark with a percentage of 92%.I also obtained three other distinctions in Business Studies, Economics and Life orientation.

Earlier in 2012, our teachers encouraged us to apply to tertiary institutions and I asked myself why as I knew that there was no way my mother could afford tertiary fees. Fortunately I heard about Christian Outreach Trust through my mother’s employer’s sister Alyson Mills as she knew how much I needed to study further but had no funds for it. I then applied quickly and went to an interview where I confidently elaborated so much about my passion of wanting to become a Chartered Accountant to the C.O.T committee members.

I thank God my interview was successful and I was granted a bursary. I rejoiced so much not knowing that there was some more joy that was coming my way from C.O.T. They also provided me with accommodation where I am now staying with other students who are also working hard to achieve their goals. I do not call them my fellow mates but my sisters because of the way we support each other, they made me realise how sweet it is to have siblings as I grew up without siblings.

I am now studying towards becoming a Chartered Accountant at the University Of KwaZulu Natal (Westville Campus).I really, really appreciate the opportunity that C.O.T gave me and I am willing to work very hard from now onwards till I achieve my goal. I want to be able to make not only myself proud but C.O.T, my family, Africa and the world at large proud. Thanks to C.O.T that has started fulfilling my dream through education.

Xolani - Tala

Guess who is on the pastry section? ☺

On the 1st of April I started to do my practical’s at pastry kitchen and I will be on this section for the next six months. With the help of Chef Michael who will even work double shifts just to make sure that the tasks that I do are completed successfully and that I became as great as Britain.

What a great hospitality

During my culinary week I was hosted by Jill and her husband I enjoyed visiting them and their level of hospitality its so great and being told be fill at home when you are visiting any family that helps one to fill at home indeed. The way they help each other in it showed me that a team way it does not only at work but even at home it can be implemented too. Unlike with us the African as never used to the tendency of helping too much at home. Mrs Dee please do pass my gratitude to Jill and her family it was so exciting to be part of her family and the wonderful hospitality that I received it so beyond my expectations too. On the 1st of June I will go to Durban to attend one of the presentations about opportunities to go to work at USA as it has been recommended by the hotel school. I am starting to plan my path for next year. And I will also apply on the same agency that Thandaza used; it’s just that I don’t want to leave things for last minutes.

Is Tala still a best place for my internship?

Yes indeed it is and I am so grateful once more to be part of these devoted teams with decades of exceptional experience and their matchless individual’s character’s that keep me going to work even if my body is against it at times due to our “normal” working hours. Tala it is busy environment even in low peak seasons like these one. Lately we have a certain crew from SABC they are going to be with us for one full month and they are acting their movie at Tala with some stars from our national TV.

The last time we met while we had lunch before Thandaza departed to the states I told you about a boy who is in need of some financial help for next year and I asked him to get me his report for 2012 December including another one for March 2013. He has done so it’s just that I need to create some time to go to Zamani and get those two reports to you Mrs Dee. Do you think it would be a good idea if I ask him to write a short report about him and what he want in life or should I leave this portion to you?

Last week Wednesday you send me a reminder that I should be planning start planning a menu that u will be giving the COT House girls a lesson on cooking. Can you please try to ask them that what is it that they would like to know to cook to brain storm and come up with couple of ideas so that I could have a guide on which route I should take for my planning for them since cooking it can be very broad e.g. curries, pastry, light meal, complex dish the list is endless. Including the budget that we will be having on that day to spend that will be so helpful as its going to be a main guiding tool too.

Best wishes Xolani
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